Posture Support Bras - This collection of posture correcting bras feature our patented bra tech.  Eco Jersey (medium compression), Max Support (higher compression), Dream (low impact, comfort bra).

Posture Bras


Feel your best in our posture bras, available in different styles and sizes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do all Kinflyte posture bras provide shoulder and back support?

All our posture bras are constructed with our patented posture design, which feature targeted compression panels in the shoulders and back. Our line of posture bras make excellent back and shoulder support bras. We offer 3 different compression levels.

Eco Jersey (medium compression) is excellent for all-day wear and balances support and comfort. For more lift, we recommend Rise Bra and Rise Zip Bra styles.

Max Support (high compression) delivers greater shoulder and back support. It has a firm fit and feel. Wears like minimizer bras. For more pull in the shoulders, we recommend the Rise Bra-Max Support and Rise Zip Bra-Max Support.

Dream Bra (low compression) has a relaxed fit and a true comfort bra. It's suitable for low-impact activities.

How do I find my size?

We recommend using our sizing help tool if you need help determining what size to get.

All of our product pages has a "size chart" link above the listed available sizes. Click on the size chart link.

For bras, it will display sizes by bust and underbust (rib cage) measurements, and alternatively translated by US bra sizes.

Which are your front closure posture bras?

We have the following front zip bras with back support:

Front adjustable straps and front zip closures:
- Rise Zip Bra
- Rise Plus Zip Bra (J+ cup)

Front zip closures with non-slip straps:
- Freedom II Zip Bra
- Curve Zip Bra (DD+)

What are the recommended posture bras for larger chests?

Depending on the cup size (DD and higher), we recommend the following styles:

- Rise Bra - Eco Jersey is a pullover style bra with front adjustable straps.
- Rise Zip Bra - Eco Jersey is a front zip bra with front adjustable straps.

- Rise Plus Zip Bra (J to M cup) is a full coverage bra with deeper cups and front adjustable straps.

- Curve Zip Bra (DD to M cup) is a full coverage bra with wide non-slip straps and front zip closure.

- Dream Bra - Modal is made with Tencel Modal, and due to its fabrication, this style has great stretch and excellent retention.

What's the difference between Freedom Bra & Freedom Bra Midi?

The Freedom Bra style has a plunge neckline, so it's lower cut with less bust coverage.

The Freedom Bra Midi style has a mid-level neckline for moderate bust coverage.

Are the bra pad inserts optional to use?

Yes, the removable foam pad inserts are optional to use. All our bras have double lined cups for modesty, so the bras can be worn without the pad inserts. Bra pad inserts do provide a natural shaping boost.

Made from memory foam, the pad inserts may have some creasing prior to first wash. Simply machine wash the pad inserts in a wash bag (then air dry), and they will reform back to their original state.

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