What Moves Us

Kinflyte is an amalgam of meanings, influenced by the founder’s Korean heritage with the purpose-driven intent of enabling dynamic movement (kinetic posture) and inclusivity (kinship). Our mission is to create sustainable apparel to help every body move better.  

Hanbok. Image credit: Canva

With our innovative patented posture design, we’ve incorporated visual lines and patterning that evoke beauty, symmetry, and affect how it makes you feel.


Back of Kinflyte bras

From the founder’s heritage, we’ve drawn inspiration from centuries old Korean wear. We’ve also drawn inspiration from the structural design of classic shapewear and the retro-futuristic stylings of sci-fi classics like Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. We marry form and function in a way that’s never be done before, and we hope you will take part in this journey with us.