bento carry bag
bento carry bag
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Bento Carry Bag


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Furoshiki Japanese inspired knot bag

Spark a little joy with this catch-all carryall

An alternative to a duster bag or small tote -- this compact canvas bag can be slung over one shoulder or on your wrist. Perfect for carrying a change of clothes, sundries, or your Farmer's Market produce. It's a simple catch-all carryall.

The art of Furoshiki is an age-old tradition in Japan that takes the concept of wrapping cloths and turns them into bags to carry clothes, gifts, or other items. Furoshiki creates visually appealing knots. 

  • Japanese knot bag
  • Natural oatmeal color
  • 100% canvas cotton, lightweight material
  • Body has a width 14" and a height 12 3/4" 
  • Long handle with a short handle, used to enclose the bag

Pull the long handle through the short handle, and it conveniently closes the opening.  

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