Back Talk with Betty Robie, Personal Trainer

Betty Robie kickstarted the Healthy Aging Initiative

I'm the healthy aging coordinator and a personal trainer at the YMCA in Martha's Vineyard. 

Leads the Healthy Aging Initiative at the Y

I teach chair classes for people with limited mobility. I work with a diverse group of individuals with different levels of needs, including one on oxygen, an individual with Parkinson's, and a paraplegic. I also teach a group class that involves resistance weights and cardio for active seniors.

Posture is One of the Most Challenging Areas

Posture is one of the most difficult areas that people face as they age. Most of us have spent years bending over a desk. For all those years, we've curved downwards, arched our backs, and looked downward. 

As we age, gravity is going to pull us down even further. The only way to get around that is to strengthen all your back muscles, and strengthen the pecs in the chest. It's a lot of work. 

Your posture affects every organ as you continually bend forward. Every organ gets squished, and your neck and spine get thrown out of position. So we work back and chest in the classes I teach.

Supportive clothing is beneficial

I've never felt anything like Kinflyte in terms of support. It isn't restrictive at all.

It feels like you want to stand the way you should stand. I have never worn anything quite like Kinflyte, so a real plus.

The older we get, most of us carry weight in our middle and having this level of support is beneficial. The fabric is soft, but with a strong, comfortable feeling.

Final Word: The Fashion Industry has a Narrow View

There are a lot of people my age that don't feel comfortable with the type of tight, restrictive activewear options available today.

I think the fashion industry has done us a disservice as women by painting a particular way our bodies should look.

We don't look like that.  We should feel good about what looks normal and feels comfortable for us.