Posture bras with inclusive sizes XS to 7XL.  Kinflyte's line of patented posture bras are posture corrector sports bras that take stress off shoulders and back. Comfortable posture corrector bras deliver shoulder support, back support, targeted compression.
Kinflyte patented posture bras with back support have the most inclusive size range: XS to 7XL, A to M bra cup support. Patented Posture Bra that cushions shoulders, back support, wireless, targeted compression
Patented posture bras. Kinflyte's posture bra is a patented Posture Corrector Sports Bra - cushions shoulders, back support, targeted compression

Patented Bra Innovation

Posture bras your back will love. These patented back support bras support bra cups A to M. Performance bras and daily wear with anti-slouch tech.  Get relief for breasts, shoulders, and back, and rise with confidence wearing Kinflyte® patented posture bras.  We support every body (XS - 7XL).

"This ultra-supportive bra is wearable relief."

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Marie Claire
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Best posture bra for women. Kinflyte's patented posture tech is designed to relieve pressure on shoulders and back, and uses compression panels to cue you into better alignment.
Best posture bra for women. Kinflyte's patented posture tech is designed to relieve pressure on shoulders and back, and uses compression panels to cue you into better alignment.
Best posture bra and activewear for women. Neo Pocket Leggings are designed to hug your waist and hips, is squat proof, and supportive with a 7/8" length.

✨ Patented Posture Design

Reinforce Good Posture Habits. Experience Instant Back Relief & All-Day Comfort.

Feel Lifted & Supported ✨

Tired of thin straps that dig into your neck and shoulders? Our patented bras and tops with posture-cueing support take pressure off neck, shoulders, and back.


Kinflyte are the only bras I wear. It has done so much for my posture and shoulder pain. I had a small tear in my shoulder that was able to heal after many years of pain because these bras are so supportive. The wide shoulder bands are a godsend! 

Sarah M.

This is a great bra for workouts, including HIIT. It helps with shoulder support and is great for a high intensity workout.

Liz H.

It more than delivers...the feel of it is soft, luxurious, and high tech; the construction is immaculate; and wearing it just feels awesome - just how your body should be.


Wore my Freedom Bra for a 12 hour shift today and my back feels amazing after running all day! #nurseslovekinflyte

Hope A.

This bra is awesome! I wear a 38F or 38G, and the Freedom Bra in eco jersey is so soft but very supportive. My back and shoulders feel much better. Also, even wearing it in very hot weather, the material absorbs sweat perfectly.

Julia T.

So far I am very impressed and pleased with the company. I wear a huge cup size that very few companies seem to recognize (between an M and a N). I am beyond fed up with bra ads that say they have one for “every woman”, but then end at H or J or maybe even K. They actually have a bra for me!

Kimba W.

I'm a B cup and plus size. I am super hypermobile (hEDs, genetic disorder) so was nervous, since the Dream bra has no clasp, but it was actually perfect! My shoulders stay in place while putting them on. I get hives from too much pressure from clothes at times, and this is one of the only bras I've found that doesn't aggravate it.

Alyssa V.

I'm loving the Max Support. I am wearing them all the time as a mom of 6 and on my daily jogs. I just ordered 2 more so I have a better wash rotation. Thank you for an amazing product. I have also noticed that when I am wearing my "regular bra" I stand with better posture. I haven't had the confidence previously to stand tall and hold my shoulders back, this has been a gift!

Elizabeth W.

I'm so in love with this bra! Not only does it help me with my yoga practice but also when I'm doing day-to-day things. Posture is something that is important to me and I'm so grateful for this brand! Very versatile bra!