Wireless posture bras for everyday comfort and support


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Every Body (XXS-4XL)

Wire-free bras and active essentials for everyday comfort and support.

Patent-pending posture tech. Get relief from shoulder and back strain and correct rounded shoulders.


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Patent-pending design that promotes correct alignment
Zip Bra with adaptive design. Front zip closure system for easy on/off
Wireless Posture for Posture Support. Relief of shoulder and back pressure
Anti-chafing thigh shorts with high rise support
Unity V-Top is a bra replacement top. Posture Support, relief shoulder and back pressure


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Such a relief to have no pressure on my shoulders. For a woman with big breasts, that is gold! 

Megan K.

It more than delivers...the feel of it is soft, luxurious, and high tech; the construction is immaculate; and wearing it just feels awesome - just how your body should be.


Wore my Freedom Bra for a 12 hour shift today and my back feels amazing after running all day! #nurseslovekinflyte

Hope A

This bra is awesome! I wear a 38F or 38G, and the Freedom Bra in eco jersey is so soft but very supportive. My back and shoulders feel much better. Also, even wearing it in very hot weather, the material absorbs sweat perfectly.

Julia T.