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Smooth support

These leggings make me feel supported and smoothed out! Very comfortable and flattering, and the pockets are an amazing bonus.

O happy summer!!

My 24yo daughter is a 44K and with that weight on her frame, she's more comfortable in a bra than out of one. I bought her the Modal bra just as a test, to see if she could have something other than underwire to help her back. She definitely likes her underwire support bras, but for the FIRST TIME EVER she finally has a "comfy bra" as she calls it, that she can wear for yoga, for shopping, for her nanny job, or to just chill out in while at home. I just bought the 3-bra bundle for her (we're definitely past the "just as a test" stage; it's the ONLY bra she's worn since she got it - yes, that's a lot of waiting for it to dry over the shower rack after washing) and I'm so excited for her to have a summer of comfort, instead of enduring our 115* Las Vegas weather in an underwire.

Excellent support for gynecomastia

I have grade III gynecomastia, resulting in an enlarged chest( man boobs). They are horrible and options are limited for dealing with this. My options are limited even more because I have ASD and sensory issues. Gyno vests are uncomfortable and itchy ony skin. At the same time I do not have the desire to wear an overtly female bra. I first read about Kinflyte on Reddit, and decided to give them a try. I sadly already know my bra size, but customer service was non judgemental and confirmed sizing. I found this garmet to be extremely comfortable. The shoulder straps sit well, and it is not noticable under clothes. In addition, my posture is better than it has been in years. If you are a male and you have yourself on this site in a similar scenario, rest assured this is a good option. There are colors offered that are gender neutral, and it is invisible under clothes. It is very well made, and I can jog again with out embarrassment. I highly recommend it.

Does wonders for my back and shoulders!

I had a big chest before having my daughter (38H) and now that I'm breastfeeding, my breast is massive and I couldn't find a suitable bra. This bra fit perfectly even if my cup size is bigger than an H. And it's so comfortable, I can't feel it. The only down side is that I have difficulty attaching a bra that zip in the front with my breast being this big but I guess I will get better with time! Worth the money!

Practically Perfect

What a great bra! I'm a 32F/G and got a small. I have hypermobility, and this bra makes me back feel GREAT! I notice a huge difference in my posture, and my ribs sublux much less often when I wear it. I have much, much fewer aches and pains in my body the days I wear this bra.

A few thoughts on what could be improved if there's a v2:
-There's a little clasp underneath the zipper. A different type of closure would be welcome, because this one is a bit of a pain. A second clasp higher up would also be a good idea.
-The handle of the zipper sticks out and is pretty noticeable under clothes. Something more flush would be better.
-The breasts have a bit of a "squished" look when wearing this bra.

And the final thought is to please make more designs for curvy women! I'd love something non-zippered for a smoother look, maybe also a top with a built-in bra.

Best Control Underwear on Market!

Excellent buy! Best control and comfort with ease and not confining.

Definitely will buy again.

Good control top with comfort excellent Fit

Best control underwear on the market. Will be buying again!!
Excellent buy. With Kinflyte products there’s no regret,

Dream bra indeed!Great bra that good for posture and good for your muscles

Love this bra. Good for posture and relieves muscles. The outcome real relief!

Great company and quality product, but . . .

I thoughts this was going to be it, the best bra for me! I had such a difficult time zipping it up, even with the hook. Could be my age. The zipper was very bulky and puffed out creating a third boob. If only it could be made to separate the boobs.

Very good quality and great company to work with, but . . .

I really like the adjustable straps, but found it hard to get on. If only this had a front closure too! Somehow separate the cups to avoid uniboob. The material is great.

Very supportive

I've been wearing Kinflyte for going on 2 years after starting an exhaustive search for a better bra. They are now the only bra I wear, with very few exceptions. The max support bra is fantastic for exercise or for days when I need more compression and more support. It pretty much locks everything down, but in a good way. For regular, all day wear, I have come to prefer the Eco Jersey, since the max support version can get a tiny bit restrictive, and the modal version is excellent for lounging. The large straps on all of the bras are the game changer for me and what I compare every other brand to now. Prior to Kinflyte I was starting to deal with some significant discomfort and occasionally outright pain due to tiny straps digging into my shoulders. And I don't even have a large bust (generally fitting into traditional 42 B/C sizes). Kinflyte bras eliminated that discomfort completely.

Overall fit comments: the band rarely rolls, everything's held in (no popping out), and it helps to smooth out my back. I don't have to constantly fidget and readjust, like every other bra. You might see some of the seaming under thin fabric, but the bra is generally no more visible under a shirt that every other one I've owned.

My main criticism would be the removable cup pads which seems to be the case with almost every wireless bra on the market. I must be in the minority, but having to take them out and put them back in for every wash is an annoyance. The bra is substantial, so it doesn't work well with tank tops, and it can retain some heat. These are minor concerns for me though, and vastly outweighed by all of the positives.

The bras aren't cheap, but I would definitely recommend trying them out, especially if you have issues with shoulder pain or poor posture. They have held up really well, even after I switched from handwashing to just tossing them in the washing machine. I have the original two that I bought years ago and they're still supportive and worn daily. I've only purchased more to avoid having to wash them constantly. They're constructed really well, so considering that and the freedom from daily discomfort, I think they're absolutely worth it. Plus, customer support is super responsive and helpful. If you can afford to, try them. I spend the majority of my waking life in a bra, and I guess I feel like I deserve to feel comfortable.

For reference, I'm over 40, 5'10", wear an XL or a 42 B/C in traditional bras, generally a women's size 16, and have a profession that includes a decent amount of field work in the warm climate of Florida.

The only bras I wear now

I've been wearing Kinflyte bras for going on two years and I'm basically wearing only them now. I went on a bra odyssey after turning 40 and tried an exhaustive (and exhausting, ha ha) amount of them - all billed as wireless, comfortable, supportive bras. The only one that actually provided enough support to feel comfortable at work or out of the house and was all-day comfortable, with no fidgeting and constant readjusting, was Kinflyte. The super wide shoulder straps were a life saver - I can no longer tolerate the painful digging of tiny straps. And all of the bits and bobs are kept where they're supposed to be. I think I've settled on the Eco Jersey as my all around favorite or most useable. The modal version is extremely comfortable for lounging, but feels a touch too unsupportive for out of the house, at least for me. And the max support is great for exercise, but can feel a bit restrictive after a long day. The Eco Jersey seems to be a happy medium for me. That said, I have them all and wear them all, depending on the situation.

I do have a few gripes - I'm not a fan of removable pads. I need them, so washing is kind of a pain since they invariably get twisted around. And the bras are substantial. They're an extra layer of clothing that you notice when you're hot, especially if you live in a warmer climate like I do. The wider straps do limit top choices, but I keep a spare skinny strap bra around for emergencies. Overall, the comfort the bras provide greatly outweigh any criticisms.

They're on the pricey side, but for me they are absolutely worth it. Before Kinflyte, I would keep a sports bra and an extra tshirt at work to change into if my old school bra became unbearable. Now, I go entire days without even thinking about my bra, and I can't think of higher praise than that.

For reference, I wear an XL, around a 42 B/C in traditional bras, I'm 5'10" and I generally wear a women's 16 in clothes.

It's so comfortable!

I love the Rise Bra in the green color. It fits snug around my rib cage without being too tight. I normally wear a 42F, and the 2XL fit well for me. Im so happy to have discovered this brand as my other bras have been painful on my shoulders.

Update to: great except for one thing AND unresponsive customer service

I love the way this bra looks and feels, especially the high underarm and back coverage. Very supportive and very comfortable. The only reason I can't give the bra itself a 5-star review (and buy about 20 of them!) is the adjustable shoulder strap. I'm average height and size---not short or short-waisted or anything out of the ordinary. To adjust the strap to fit properly, the end of the strap (which has the "hook" side of the velcro) extends past the area on the back that has the "loop" velcro. Because of that, the hook velcro at the end of the strap grabs the jersey fabric of the bra, the back of any garment I'm wearing, and other garments it is laundered with, including the mesh bag I wash bras in.

Even worse than this issue which prevents me from further purchases, I went to the trouble of taking photos and writing a careful description of the problem, sent it to Kinflyte once, then a second time two weeks later. I've had no response of any kind from Customer Service. I continue getting emails wanting me to buy, but nothing regarding my inquiry. To me, a company who just doesn't care isn't one I want to buy from, no matter how great the product. It's a shame.

4/16/22 Neither Kinflyte nor I know what happened, why they hadn't seen my earlier correspondence, but their response to my review yesterday was immediate, attentive, and very generous. I do hope there will be updates to the design of the Eco Bra, which is so comfortable and so supportive that I really am ready to toss my big drawer full of bras that are less so when new options become available. Meantime, I'll have to look to my sewing machine to shorten those straps--not an elegant solution, to be sure. I eagerly await new developments. Thank you, Kinflyte.

Hi Susan, thanks for your detailed feedback! I've checked our email inbox, but unfortunately it look like your original email did not come through for some reason. Your email may have bounced. You can forward your original email to, so we can review and respond to your email. Thank you!

Almost perfect

The back and shoulder features are excellent the best I've tried for my chronic upper back pain.
Unfortunately, the cups are not at all supportive in my size H and thus uncomfortable/unwearable. And it creates an "uniboob". I would love to try a version with underwires, or a suggestion for another model.

Great Relief with my neck and shoulder pain

The first bra I tried was this one but returned it thinking the shoulder straps were a bit long for me.(I’m short waisted) Then tried the rise eco with adjustable straps but material had more all around compression than I could tolerate. I have mild scoliosis. I then re ordered the Dream modal bra thinking I could tighten the straps somehow. As it turned out I didn’t need to I just pulled the bra down more and it fit fine. Fabric is soo soft. Best part is my shoulders immediately appreciated the wider strap support and not too tight compression and good all around support. My back, shoulders, and neck all felt much better-after trying MANY different wireless type bras. Sometimes I’ll need to take it off after a few hours muscles aren’t used to new posture. But that time is getting longer and longer. I’m sure I’ll soon be wearing it all day!! Great support bra for heavier busted women-gives good well distributed support while it gently corrects posture. Hoping to next be able to use even more support from my rise eco bra as well. Thanks Kinflyte! ~L.F.

amazing bra, amazing company!

I have two Kinflyte bras.... To be honest I don't know which one is which... But I love the comfort and support of this bra.
I have had neck fusion and lower back fusion.... my neck was in so much worse pain wearing shefit bras.. I like those too for
support but this bra is a million and a half times more comfortable... I still have a tendency to slouch and have my shoulders up
by my ears because of years of ill fitting uncomfortable bras.... So I suspect with time this bra will help correct my terrible posture.
The customer service is BEYOND extraordinary ... the first bra I purchased was way too big and I asked for help from a real person
and I emailed back and forth with a real woman who had also breastfed and understood about how saggy boobs could be after
pregnancy, breastfeeding, up and down weight changes, etc... That was nice... Anyway, I made my husband measure me and the
helpful customer service representative took the measurements, my age, my sagginess etc...all into consideration and recommended a
bra that worked very well. I wanted more compression after that so I bought the Kinflyte bra that I am wearing right now... I still bounce when
doing intense exercise..... so I have on occasion put on my Kinflyte bra and then my shefit bra over it to try not to bounce... I kinda still bounce
It isn't the bra, Its me.

Oh, back to the customer service... she mailed out the recommended bra to me BEFORE I even sent the other one back!
I don't know if they always do that or if I just have an honest face... But that was very helpful and she also sent me a mailing label because
I have no where to print one...

Okay, I can't recommend any company as much as I recommend this company.

The only way to get a better fit would be to have millions of dollars for people to make bras custom for you.
More colors please!

So soft

Both pieces were super soft and stretchy. They fit beautifully and were incredibly comfortable to wear!

Great Mystery Box

I wasn’t too sure about ordering the mystery box because I didn’t know if I would like what I got. But it was perfect! I ordered the dream bra box since that is the only kinflyte bra I’ve never tried. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package to see a bra and matching panties in the seafoam color. That’s also the only color that I have never ordered. The bra fit very well and actually it’s one of my favorites now. I also loved the panties. All in all I’m glad I took the plunge and ordered.

Freedom Bra Midi - Eco Jersey, Light green (Mocha Moss)

I absolutely LOVE these bras. There is no way to describe how comfortable they are; you just have to try one. The bands never roll up and the wide straps never slip off my shoulders—a huge plus. The wide straps do show under some of my tops, but it doesn’t bother me as it just looks like I am layering tops. But it does mean you have to make careful choices when choosing a bra color. I find that I am more comfortable one size up from the size recommended by the charts but Kinflyte allows one exchange at no cost and the products arrive very quickly. I love these so much that I now have 3 of them.

Great bra

This is a great bra when good support is need but it still is comfortable enough for general wear even though it does have the extra support. Love it. I have a couple of them.

Great bra and wonderful service.ll

I think this is probably the most comfortable bra I have ever owned. I will definitely be ordering it again. From the first bra I ordered from this company, I knew they were what I was looking for. I have tried several different models as I kept looking for the perfect bra and I’m glad I kept trying. The others were good but this one is perfect.
I also found the customer service to be excellent. They were very helpful.

A little small in the cup

I ordered the mystery box because it was too good of a deal to pass up- I used the size finder and it consistently said medium. I'm a weight-loss deflated 34 DDD/G. So I ordered that, but the girls definitely do not stay in if I'm in down dog or forward fold. It is comfortable, though, and I appreciate that the straps are wider so the weight is better distributed across my shoulders. The matcha moss color is GORGEOUS. I just don't like having to tuck myself back in all the time.

Rise Bra - Eco Jersey™
Joanna Schwartz
Impressed and Happy

I am short - (and "bountifully petite") so all other "one size fits all" bras I have tried give no support. I ordered the size 2XL by following the guide. I did have to shorten the straps to the max for a comfortable "lift"! I did remove the pads. First attempt to try on, I went from hips up. That was fun. Next attempt was from overhead. I didn't think I had enough flexibility in my shoulders to do it, but it slipped right on. (Hint - try that way first!) There is plenty of stretch to allow a settling into position. Do measure your rib cage. That is the area that I would not have wanted a smaller size. There is no way for straps to fall off shoulders! I will be ordering more colors when my budget allows.

worth the money

I've worn Kinflyte exclusively for over a year. This bra is very supportive but also very comfortable. My favorite feature is NO sore shoulders from straps, and no straps falling off of my shoulders.