How It Works

Importance of Posture

Body alignment is important to our health and how we present ourselves to the world. Great posture promotes wellbeing, confidence, and a youthful appearance. Yet many of us neglect our posture with our tech-fueled lifestyle, made worse by the pandemic. Consider how much time you spend at home in front of your laptop, bent over a smartphone or tablet, and hunched over while driving.  

As women, gravity naturally pulls us forward as we carry more weight in our chest. The average bra cup size in the US and UK is a DD. Working at a desk, driving a car, working out, having kids, and repetitive tasks can contribute to impaired posture.

You're probably familiar with references to "tech neck" and "mom posture." We all deal with activities that cause us to look down and forward for extended periods of time. Common problems associated with slouching and poor posture lead to chronic issues, including visibly rounded shoulders, back and neck pain, tension headaches, and poor digestion. 

Innovation in our posture cueing design

Our patent-pending design, patterning, advanced materials, and 3D construction are central to our posture cueing system. Kinflyte essentials are designed to cue your body into better alignment, while comfortably supporting your chest, shoulders, and back.


By design, the wide straps reduce pressure on the shoulder blades by redistributing the weight of the chest. The straps themselves have gentle bonded grips that cue the wearer to roll her shoulders back. The added benefit is that the straps stay on and don't slip off. The pull-over style bras and tops are easy to take on and off.


As women, our bust sizes continually fluctuate based on weight gain or loss and as a result of hormonal changes and monthly cycles. Our wire-free cup design provides great stretch and structured support. The paneling is supported with a breathable lining for retentive stretch and recovery.

Removable pad inserts for coverage and shaping
Kinflyte's bras and tops all have pockets in the cups with removable bra pads. Pockets mean greater options for coverage and shaping. Provides a better alternative to mastectomy bras, since the pockets accommodate different size pads and small breast forms. Kinflyte bras and tops also wear well without the pads, since the cups are dual-layered.


The back of our bras and tops are lined with power mesh to provide comfortable, targeted compression in key areas of the shoulders and upper back. This works in concert with the gentle grip-lined shoulder straps to cue the wearer into better alignment.


Our built-in bra tops have all the benefits of the posture bra design, with greater encompassing targeted support for the torso region. The front panels are designed with breathable lining for retentive stretch and recovery.


Inspired by art deco silhouettes, the hi-rise design in both our underwear and shorts provide control support for the tummy and lower back. The back interior is lined with power mesh to enable comfortable, targeted compression and support. 


What women movement professionals are saying

Jane Cobler
Physical Therapist, DPT

"This is very comfortable and supportive. I can feel it gently cueing me back in the shoulders. It just moves with you, instead of pulling you."

Kathryn Harden
Dance Studio Founder & Ballet Dancer

"Specifically in the shoulders, it reminds of kinesio tape holding my shoulders down and back. I feel like I’m lifted and supported, not just in my back and shoulders, but also in the front."

Betty Robie
Personal Trainer, YMCA

"It feels like you want to stand the way you should stand. I have never worn anything quite like Kinflyte."

Tahneetra Crosby
Trainer & Fitness Educator

"I feel really strong [wearing Kinflyte in Eco Jersey]. I could teach my cardio kickboxing class in this."