Back Talk with Tahneetra Crosby, LA Movement Specialist

International Fitness Educator, NASM, ACE and AFAA certified

I'm a fitness professional. I train trainers and teach a variety of group fitness classes. I specialize in indoor cycling, TRX training, weight training, and BOSU training. There's a variety of fitness education classes that I conduct around the world. 

My Focus is on Improving Posture

Everything that I do is not just about exercise, but helping people move better overall. It all starts with your foundation and your posture. 

I teach balance training and TRX training, which center around foundational movements. We focus on the active plank in your body to work on overall posture. 

Common Issue is Postural Related

Usually we address people's stability and posterior chain, the backside of their body. We see a lot of slouching, so that is often people's weakest area. They may have a hard time lifting their chest, and finding that activation point between their shoulder blades.  

I've seen so many people challenged with posture. I'll go through specific training with trainers and instructors on how to help clients improve their core. Even with training, we found that some individuals have trouble correcting posture on their own. 

Having a Postural Reminder

I like the idea of having something there to help people remind them of their posture. There is a large percentage of people who have a hard time improving it on their own. 

I feel really strong [wearing Kinflyte]. I could teach my cardio kickboxing class in this. 

Final Word: Comfort & Inclusive Sizing are Important

I have two daughters, and they see this one size fits all. I would like to see a variety of sizes out there that represent real women and the real world. There has to be more accessible clothes for every body.

And, when it comes to bras, one of the major challenges I have is comfort. It seems like brands often think more about what the bras look like, and not as much what women feel when they put on and wear the bra.