Is Pilates right for you? Meet Ivy Baron

Do you practice Pilates, or have you been curious about trying it? It was invented in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates, a physical trainer, for the purpose of rehabilitation. At its start, Pilates appealed to the dance community, aiding dancers in recovery and helping them improve their technique. Dancers who practiced Pilates experienced fewer injuries than those who didn't.

Today, Pilates has grown in popularity because of its health benefits - both mental and physical. You can practice it in the comfort of your home, office, or studio. Pilates is an excellent way to strengthen your core muscles and achieve improved posture. As we've shared in an earlier post, the best posture bra serves as a tool that should be used in conjunction with reinforcing activities, which are designed to improve your flexibility, mobility, and core.

Ivy Baron in Kinflyte posture-correcting sports bra (front zip bra). Pilates sports bra

Ivy Baron, pilates instructor, wearing Kinflyte Rise Plus Zip Bra

We wanted to share the insightful conversation we had with Ivy Baron, a certified pilates instructor based in Austin, Texas. 

Tell us about yourself

My name is Ivy Baron, and I’ve been teaching movement since 2005. I am the owner of Requisite Pilates in Austin, TX. My ‘Judgement Free’ approach to Pilates is informed by my background in Social Work and social justice. I’m dedicated to creating an inclusive movement experience where all folks can explore movement that works for their unique bodies, especially those who have not felt safe and included in traditional settings.

Why did you become a pilates instructor?

Pilates is the type of movement that tends to speak to people’s bodies in a way they’ve never felt before, and that’s exactly what happened for me. I was a fresh out of graduate school when I tried my first Pilates Class, I know it sounds cheesy, but my path immediately changed. This movement modality helped me feel grounded but flexible, open but connected, strong but not tight. I knew pretty early on that I wanted to help facilitate that for other people.

For someone new to Pilates, what are the top reasons why someone should practice Pilates?

Joseph Pilates wrote a book called Return to Life and his philosophy (in my words) was that people need ‘exercise’ that brings us back to a sense of ease in our movement.

There is a perception that Pilates is all about ‘core’ when in reality, it is about connection to our WHOLE body as a system, re-teaching our bodies how to move in whatever way we want, with more integration. I could go on and on, but I guess the TOP reason why someone should practice pilates is because it better allows you to understand your body, and that that knowledge has the potential to change your quality of life outside of the class or studio.

There are misconceptions about what is "good posture". How would you define good posture?

I don’t subscribe to the belief that one “perfect posture” exists. People’s bodies are completely unique and, like finger prints, no two are alike.

Posture, in my mind, is more about orientation and understanding where we are in space that will allow us to feel lifted and connected without tension. This is why I like exploring posture tools, like the Kinflyte posture sports bras, because they help educate our bodies to look for a feeling rather than a rigid position.

How are you making Pilates more inclusive as a practice?

Striving for more inclusion is a forever practice for me and for Requisite Pilates, and I’m also dedicated to helping other Pilates instructors implement practical inclusive elements into their practices.

All of my group classes are taught with layered options, which eliminates hierarchy and creates a supportive, shame free community. I have class options on a sliding scale, because I don’t believe Pilates should be exclusive to those who can afford it. My classes are also free from any harmful language around body image or diet-talk, and I try and use gender neutral language as much as possible. 

While I have 20 years of teaching Pilates, every person in my class has that much or more experience with their own body. So, we will always collaborate to find a version of Pilates that works for them. I always try to meet people exactly where they are, as they are with curiosity and without judgement.

Learn more about Ivy Baron @requisitepilates on Instagram and TikTok

You can learn more about Ivy Baron, as she posts regularly on Instagram and TikTok. We love her fun, joyful approach to Pilates. We also recommend checking out the Requisite Pilates website at

Ivy's try-on of Kinflyte posture sports bras

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Ivy Baron in Kinflyte's Posture Bra, an excellent back support bra and pilates sports bra

Ivy in Kinflyte's Curve Zip Bra.