Minimalist Mindset

Our functional apparel line is created to beautifully support you. From design and development to packaging and wear, we're committed to reducing our environmental impact.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

Recycled Polyester

Our Eco Jersey line of bras, tops, and bottoms is made from 79% recycled polyester (rPET), which is derived from single use plastic bottles. We source high quality polyester-spandex fabrics from Taiwan, a global leader in recycling. Our recycled polyester fabric has a Chitosante treatment, made from a natural biomass of crab and/or shrimp. Chitosante is created when the natural biomass is combined with the yarn fibers during the fabric dying / finishing. It is naturally antibacterial, moisture wicking, non-toxic, breathable, durable, and fast drying. 

On average, our tops are made of 15 post-consumer plastic bottles, bras are made from 7 bottles, and our bottoms are made of up to 9 bottles. Through recycling, we help minimize impact on landfills. Recycled polyester has been extensively tested for safety. 

When it comes to our Dream line of bras and bottoms, we use TENCEL™ Modal, which is sustainably made from natural beech tree fibers. It is incredibly silky, soft in texture and is breathable, shrink-resistant, moisture wicking, and odor resistant. As this modal effectively wicks away moisture, it supports the body's natural thermo-regulation.

Tight Supply Chain Reduces Carbon Footprint

While we design in California and prototype in Oregon, we have built a more efficient supply chain by reducing transit from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging and distribution. We source innovative technical knits from Taiwan mills, which is globally known in the apparel industry for its best-in-class performance fabrics. Our manufacturing is in Dongguan, China, which is just outside of Hong Kong. 

Sourcing Fabrics with High Standards

We source our fabrics from mills that have environmental management systems in place to reduce greenhouse emissions and are Oeko-tex 100 certified, a highly respected international standard for safety in the production of fabrics. Technical knits are selected for soft comfort, durability, and performance properties.


Smaller Batch Production

Smaller batch production runs reduce the risk of waste and drives quality. During the manufacturing process, we use computerized cutting machines to precisely cut fabrics. In creating our 3D garments, the top is comprised of 42 components, each bra has 40 components, and our bottoms have 20 components. In producing our 3D garments, there is a high degree of skilled sewing using flat lock machines. Flat seams support comfort and durability. Every piece is trimmed, finished, and hand inspected for quality assurance.

Going Tagless with Heat Transfers

Instead of traditional tags, we use heat transfers. This reduces unnecessary waste in the manufacture of care label tags.

Reusable Packaging

Kinflyte's apparel is delivered in reusable, resealable pouches. Standard shipper boxes are made from corrugated cardboard, which is recyclable.

Sustainability means so much more than recycling, it's a commitment to foundational apparel that supports whatever you do.