Bento Carry Bag - Design Footnote

Bento Carry Bag

Furoshiki inspired knot bag

When we launched our Indiegogo campaign this spring, I liked the idea of a Japanese bento bag because of its minimalism, compact design and portability. The art of Furoshiki is an age-old tradition in Japan that takes the concept of wrapping cloths and turns them into bags to carry clothes, gifts, or other items. Furoshiki creates visually appealing knots. 

We streamlined for the everyday by creating a simple knot bag made of canvas cotton in an oatmeal color. 

Japanese Knot Bag (the long and short of it)

The body of the knot bag is round in shape with two handles. One handle is short and stubby because it is designed to close the bag. You close the bag by simply sliding the long handle through the short handle. You can then carry the bag on your arm or sling over your shoulder. 

By pulling the long handle through the short handle, it conveniently closes the bag, so items don't spill out as they can in a traditional tote or shopper bag.

Carry your sundries and clothes

Excluding the handles, the body of our carry bag has a width of 14" and a height 12 3/4". The bag can hold clothes, sundries, shoes, lunch, or produce from the farmer's market. It is made of canvas cotton, so it's both lightweight and sturdy. One side has our print, and the other side is bare.

Don't forget to loop the handles 

The knot bag is simple and reusable. Just pull the long handle through the short handle, and it conveniently closes the opening. 

So far, I've toted my clothes, a dozen Gala apples from the farmer's market, and my lunch. 

- Vivian Lee