Choosing a Post Surgery Bra

Following surgery, women have different options when it comes to post surgery bras and tops. Depending on the type of surgery (i.e. rotator cuff, mastectomy, lumpectomy, breast augmentation, breast reduction) your doctor will recommend types of bras that support your recovery.

What to look for in a post surgery bra

There are some key attributes to look for when shopping for a post surgery bra (depending on the kind of surgery):

  • Wire-free bra - underwire bras can be uncomfortable to wear following surgery.
  • Shoulder support bra - look for a bra with wide straps, which will relieve pressure on the shoulders and prevents the straps from slipping.
  • Wide underbust band - promotes stability, so bra doesn't move around.
  • Pocketed bra - pocketed cups that accommodate pad inserts and breast forms.
  • Doesn't irritate incisions - Soft seams that don't irritate incisions and tender skin.
  • Comfortable to wear - The bra should be comfortable to wear all day.
  • Side support - high side support can help keep breast tissue in place.

When it comes to mastectomy bras, a key feature are pocketed cups, which can accommodate prostheses. If you have shoulder mobility challenges following surgery, then a front closure bra post surgery bra will be a better option. 

Wearing compression bras post surgery
Your doctor may advise you to wear a compression bra to reduce swelling following surgery. A compression bra will help hold your breast tissue in place, reducing unnecessary movement around stitches to minimize scarring and stretched skin.

How can Kinflyte posture bra can support you
Our line has low, medium, and high compression bras that are versatile, supportive, and comfortable for all-day wear. With our patented posture design, our wire-free bras feature wide shoulder straps, a supportive underbust band, and high side support. Our anti-chafe design uses flat seams for a smooth all-around feel. Whether you're looking for a shoulder support bra, back support bra, or a comfort bra that's gentle, Kinflyte offers different styles and compression options.

Here are a few popular posture bra styles that range from low to high compression:

Dream Bra - Modal (Thermoregulating, Low Compression)

Rise Bra - Eco Jersey (Adjustable, Medium Compression)

Freedom II Zip Bra - Max Support (Front Closure, High Compression)

Our style finder is the ideal way to find posture bras that work best for your needs. 

What some customers have to say about Kinflyte bras:

"Okay, I just received the [Kinflyte] bra, and it's amazing. Less than an hour my neck is relieved. I'm a survivor of cancer after more than a decade. Even three intensive chiropractic work didn't ever help. I have always hated sports bras. This has relieved so much pain." - Carol

"As a burn survivor with skin grafts on my shoulders, I have struggled for almost 20 years with finding the right bra that doesn’t dig into my grafts and leave giant dents. This is bra is amazing. I don’t think I will wear anything else again." - Frusen

"Having had a Mastectomy and other major surgeries I have been looking for a Bra that I can wear comfortably and that if I want to I can wear a prosthetic. With this bra [Rise Bra] I have found it." - Deborah


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