Could it be Bra Strap Syndrome?

Did you know what you wear could be contributing to neck, shoulder and back pain? Costoclavicular syndrome, sometimes referred to as bra strap syndrome, can be caused by tight straps that pinch and dig into your shoulders. This can contribute to pressure on your shoulders and resulting pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back. 


Photo of bra strap on shoulder. Consider a shoulder support bra.


Photo credit: Kristaps Grundsteins, Unsplash

Costoclavicular syndrome was introduced to describe chronic pain that soldiers experienced after carrying heavy packs, in which they developed stiffness and pain in the neck, shoulders, arms, and back. 

Women can develop Costoclavicular syndrome after wearing bras with tight and narrow straps, as the weight of heavy breast tissue is being supported by the straps. The bra straps themselves can be digging into the shoulders and pulling down on the clavicle (collarbone). Over time, one may notice red lines and indentations after wearing ill-suited or ill-fitting bras that pull down on the shoulders. 

Narrow, tight straps put downward pressure on the clavicle

What's a wearable solution? Wear shoulder support bras with a wide underbust band and wide shoulder straps designed to redistribute the weight of your breast tissue and eliminate pressure that can trigger shoulder pain. 

Back of Kinflyte's Freedom Bra. Shoulder support bra, back support bra

Back of a Kinflyte Bra

Wide strap bras for shoulder pain
Kinflyte's patented posture design is an innovative approach to developing posture corrective sports bras. All our bras are designed with a wide underbust band to provide a solid base of support for the bust. Using an integrated system of compression panels and wide shoulder straps, breast weight is more evenly distributed across the width of the shoulders. This type of posture improving bra design helps open up the chest and cue shoulders back instead of pulling them down and forward. For this reason, the wide straps design makes the best bra for bra strap syndrome.

Physical Therapist and DPT J. Cobler shared this insight about women's anatomy: "With women specifically, we carry more body mass in the front and chest area. Even just the workplace environment: desk work, time spent in front of a laptop, and the greater weight in our front all tend to pull us forward. That becomes a huge contributor to impaired posture."


Shoulder support bra, shoulder posture bra


Back of Kinflyte Rise Bra (adjustable wide straps)

Wearing the right kind of supportive back posture bra can make a difference in the long run. Be mindful of your posture and incorporate good daily habits to maximize long term benefits.

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