Product Talk with Founder Vivian Lee, Co-Inventor

Kinflyte Founder

I'm excited to bring a new concept of posture wear to women's apparel. Prior to launching Kinflyte, I was CMO of a consumer tech company and a marketing exec at video game juggernaut Electronic Arts.

Having great posture and standing stronger goes beyond projecting confidence; it is foundational to what we need as women. 

Back Story

My back story began over two years ago when I was dealing with chronic back and neck pain. Working long hours, commuting three hours daily, and juggling the responsibilities of work and family life were catching up to me. I tried different posture products on the market and nothing ticked the important boxes.

What I wanted were beautiful foundational clothes that would support improved body alignment and relieve the stress on my back. I consulted with my sister Diane Lee. At the time, she was a senior strategist at design consultancy firm IDEO and going through physical therapy for her back. She and I shared a kindred perspective on the need for better options.

No One Size Fits All

When it came to posture products, what I found was a one-size-fits-all approach for men and women. Posture straps cinched tightly around the shoulders were constraining, and back braces felt overly restrictive. Both were very visible under clothes. 

After consulting with women movement professionals across disciplines - physical therapy, dance, martial arts, yoga, pilates, and athletic training - a common theme emerged.

Posture is foundational to our movements, our health, and how we project ourselves to the world. Yet, it is an area we neglect. With our tech-fueled lifestyle, we compromise our back, and back-related issues represent the #1 chronic health concern.

As women, we have particular needs, and those needs vary at an individual level. So, a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't work.

Stand Stronger

The purpose behind Kinflyte is to help every body move better through functional design. We're moving away from a fast fashion world to one that is thoughtful and more sustainable. We want to be the best versions of ourselves and project the confidence we possess inside. As an inclusive platform, we absolutely want to celebrate our differences.

Standing stronger is not just good for our backs and our health. It is emblematic of our strength as individuals, as women, as doers, as movers and shakers, as mothers, as creative tinkerers, as problem solvers, and as rule breakers. We are all of these things and so much more.