Design Talk with Rene Burgos - Creative Director

Kinflyte Creative Design Lead


I'm the Creative Design Lead and have been working with Viv since before the launch of Kinflyte. 

A little bit about me

I was born in Puerto Rico, and as my dad served in active military duty, we moved around a lot growing up. For as long as I can remember, I've been interested in visual arts. I studied Film in school and decided to dive into the design world, working on diverse projects in film and video. Over time, I expanded my horizons in graphic design, animation, and web design.

Visual design is my calling, and something I'm truly passionate about.

Kinflyte from a brand design perspective

I had regular talks with Viv about her vision for Kinflyte. I appreciated the importance of inclusivity. I loved the mission behind the company and concept - founded on building functional apparel that would help women look and feel their best. 

What made the process more interesting was Viv's Korean heritage and drawing that perspective into the branding elements. Korean hangul writing comes to life with the use of brush strokes, and it's been around since the 15th century in its written form.

The brush stroke elements inspired the logo design. Depending on who you ask, people have various opinions of what they see in the Kinflyte logo -- a person in an inverted yoga pose, a mountain peak, the letters K and F, or the constructs of a home. It makes for an interesting discussion.

My approach to Kinflyte's brand design married tradition with the modern futuristic vibe you get from the posture improving apparel line. We wanted to create something that looked timeless yet fresh.

Design is organized chaos

The design process can look chaotic since I work through so many iterations. It takes a lot of research to bring about the brand's intent and voice.

Shooting the final design
When we shot the product video earlier this year, we flew out to Portland, Oregon where Viv and team did the prototyping and development. It was really amazing to see it all come together. Portland is a city with so much character.