Create an Ergonomic Workspace: Interview with Multitasky Founder

Over the past year, we've learned to adapt and work remotely from home, but it hasn't been easy. Sub-optimal WFH setups have contributed to aches and pains. Early in the pandemic, advisors with The World Economic Forum predicted that working remotely would lead to "bad backs through poor ergonomic posture." Physical therapists also expressed concerns as their clients voiced their struggles with chronic neck and back pain.

We had a virtual chat with Julia Xu, founder and CEO of Multitasky. She is on a mission to help women create an inspiring, ergonomic workspace.

What inspired you to start Multitasky?
I spent most of my career at Fortune 500 businesses, building strategies and financial models for companies, including Alibaba, Disney+ and McKinsey & Co. In 2020, I decided to leave corporate life and begin my entrepreneurial journey in start-up business consulting. When creating my home workstation, I realized just how difficult it was to find stylish, functional office products at an affordable price. I started Multitasky with the notion of creating an accessible one-stop shop for go-getters like myself to design their life without having to compromise.  
What tips do you have in creating an ergonomic workspace?
For me, functional workspaces have products that the modern entrepreneur can use in her home office or take with her on-the-go. By making sure you have good lighting and elevating how you set up your space, you show up more professional and improve your productivity and effectiveness.
My favorites are the adjustable laptop stand that I can take with me when I’m traveling and also helps with my posture at home. I also like being prepared and having power banks and extension cords that I can use when presenting or when I need to shift my schedule. This allows me to be flexible and always prepared.
The average person spends at least 6.5 hours a day sitting. How can women use your products to improve their workspace?
Taking care of your body is so important! A lot of office products aren’t designed for women in mind - our cyclical bodies and the way we engage with technology. We offer products that help make your workstation more comfortable and also adapt to the shifting needs of your body, whether it's through portable lights, portable humidifiers, or even comfy house slippers that double as mops! Our products are multifaceted, so while you can set up the perfect workstation at home, you can also take them on the go. Our products are extremely lightweight, compact, and easy to use.
What do you do to look after your posture? And, what advice do you have for others?
I am mindful about stretching my body and hands. I also make sure to use my phone stand when taking phone calls and elevate my laptop so that my head never tilts down. Small adjustments like making sure you have enough light can make a huge difference and lessen the strain on your body. 
The most important thing is to allow yourself grace and flexibility to live the life you want to live. Oftentimes, we feel stuck because we put limiting beliefs on ourselves. In reality, you can work from anywhere, however you want to and with whomever you’d like. Embrace the freedom to design your dream life and continue to push yourself to find new ways to take care of your body and your mind. It can be as simple as regularly using a humidifier or jotting down your thoughts in a notebook to manifest your dreams.