International Women's Day & Ukraine Relief

As International Women's Day approaches, the people of Ukraine are deep in our thoughts. It is heartbreaking to see the devastation and humanitarian crisis that has been unfolding in real time. For many of us with friends, family, and colleagues in the Ukraine - it is a time for us to come together and advocate for them.

Ukraine's national flower is a symbol of strength & resistance

The personal side
As the founder of Kinflyte, I began this entrepreneurial journey after my amazing experience working at Petcubea Ukrainian tech startup focused on improving the lives of pets and pet parents. I learned a great deal from the founders and the talented team based in Kyiv.

I worked with strong, multifaceted women who were animal rescue volunteers, musicians, artists, and budding entrepreneurs. In Kyiv, I was inspired by Ukraine's rich history, diverse architectural styles, and beautiful visual arts on display. 

International Women's Day is truly celebrated in Ukraine
International Women's Day (IWD) is a public holiday here, and they celebrate and honor women in an admirable way. While working at Petcube, it was the first time I had ever received flowers on IWD. Women and girls traditionally receive flowers and gifts on this very special day.

Flowers from Petcube founders on IWD

But this year will be starkly different. For many of these women and girls, there will be no flowers as they fight for their survival. Many are standing their ground and hunkered down in makeshift bomb shelters, while others have had to leave the country to protect their children and families.

Ways you can support humanitarian efforts

Throughout the month of March, for every pair of Leggings sold, Kinflyte will donate 100% of the profits to is an international humanitarian organization, which has set up an emergency Ukrainian Crisis Fund to provide aid (food, water, supplies, hygiene kits), prioritizing aid to women and children.

Here are some humanitarian organizations you can support:

Sunflower of Peace
Sunflower of Peace
 is a US-based 501(c)(3) organization raising funds to provide first-aid backpacks, medicine, and other life-saving instruments to Ukrainian soldiers and civilians. 

World Central Kitchen
José Andrés
is an award-winning chef and humanitarian and according to his Twitter, his World Central Kitchen team is providing “thousands of meals in Poland, Romania and inside Ukraine." Donations to the World Central Kitchen can be made on their website.

Project HOPE
Project HOPE is an international health and humanitarian relief organization. They are accepting donations, which they use to provide medical supplies to Ukrainians. 

Save the Children
This is an international nonprofit organization that has a dedicated Ukraine relief fund, providing families and their children with much needed hygiene kits, food, water, and cash assistance.

Donations via Ukraine's Postal Service
Ukraine's postal service Nova Poshta Global has now launched a Humanitarian Post line. You can ship goods you want delivered to Ukraine to one of Nova Poshta's international warehouses, and the postal service will deliver to Ukrainians in need. The list of warehouse addresses are here


Millions of people are displaced in Ukraine while the country is under siege. This is the 'fastest-growing refugee crisis in Europe since World War II.' There are different ways you can support Ukraine - from contributing to humanitarian aid, showing your support on social media, and buying products and services from Ukrainian based businesses.

- Vivian Lee