Meet Christina Richardson - Nurse & Model

August is wellness month and self-care is always on our minds. We chatted with Christina Richardson - she's a pediatric nurse, working model, and busy mom. We asked Christina how she looks after herself.

Christina Richardson

Tell us about yourself
Well, first of all, where can I start? My name is Christina Richardson and I'm a pediatric nurse, commercial print model, hand model, musician, and commercial actor from Austin, Texas. I'm also an army wife and mother to a busy 3-year-old boy who keeps me on my feet.

Cameo in a Netflix movie
I was cast in the Netflix original movie "Look Both Ways" starring Lili Reinhart, Luke Wilson, and David Corenswet (new Superman in the DCU). As I'm a pediatric nurse by profession, I got booked for the role as they were looking for a real nurse. It was fun working with the actors and director on set.

Being a pediatric nurse 
I choose pediatrics because I absolutely love working with children. I love helping children feel better. One of the hardest aspects of my job is providing medication to my young patients. As a nurse, we pay very close attention when passing out medications to our patients for safety reasons.

Balancing work with family
Balancing nursing with my other pursuits is very hard while juggling all my other responsibilities and priorities being a mom and a wife. For my sanity, I've learned not to overthink what I need to do. I plan my day out and just do it. 

What I do for self-care
I'm a musician, so I enjoy playing the saxophone during my down time. I also love to get my face and feet done for some pampering. That's my me-time. ❤️

I wear my Kinflyte posture bras when I'm at work and exercising. As a nurse, I do a lot of lifting, so I wear my Kinflyte posture bras at work. They're comfortable to wear under my scrubs and gives me the back support that I need. I love the colors and the material is so soft.

Christina in Rise Bra - Eco Jersey

Christina in Rise Bra - Eco Jersey