"My back and shoulders feel much better"

Design that's one of a kind

Kinflyte's patented design delivers targeted support for your bust, shoulders, sides, and back. Founder Vivian Lee and veteran performance wear designer Michelle Rose co-designed a unique bra construction that creates a durable support structure, which cradles the upper body and provides the kind of postural cues that promote good posture. 

"This brand makes really high quality bras. They’re also constructed for overall upper body posture support." - @madisonxalexandra bra expert on TikTok

East meets West aesthetic

Using innovative performance materials, our bras and tops are designed with targeted compression panels that encapsulate and support shoulders, sides, and back.

As an AAPI woman-owned business, Kinflyte's iconic look is inspired by traditional Korean wear, steeped in rich heritage and historical significance as these pieces promoted ease of movement.

Mood board for Kinflyte

We blended an Eastern aesthetic with that of art deco shapewear, incorporating technical fabrics with modern elements. The end result are radically different bras, which embrace diverse body types, different lifestyles, and a growing range of sizes.

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