Product Talk with Diane Lee, Advisor

Kinflyte Product Advisor


I worked with Kinflyte's founder from product concept through development. Our conversations happened organically since Viv is my sister. My role as an advisor came about because of my background in product innovation, working for design consultancy IDEO and now at IA Collaborative. A couple years ago, she and I were commiserating about our back-related experiences and the lack of good solutions for women.

Personal Back Story
Good posture is something that has now become very important to me. After becoming a mom, I developed a painful strained nerve causing back and neck pain, which required physical therapy. I found myself hunching over a lot more, having to constantly bend and lift caring for my daughter, and all that affected my posture and mobility. I worked with a physical therapist and learned the critical importance of opening up my chest and strengthening my core. 

Importance of Good Posture is Universal
Kinflyte represents accessible, beautiful apparel. There’s just this embracing aspect of Kinflyte. The name itself connotes family, friendship, sisterhood. Just seeing the individuals that tried on the prototypes and are drawn to the products; women have varying degrees of posture issues. The problem is universal. 

Final Word: Design with Purpose
What I love about Kinflyte is that there is purpose in helping women move better, and the inclusive product line speaks to women of all ages and life stages. Kinflyte brings beautiful design aesthetics into functional apparel.

Designed for everybody with inclusive sizing