Product Talk with Elizabeth LeMay, Innovation Lab Founder

Elizabeth LeMay, Innovation Lab founder

Innovation Lab, Studio 317 Founder

I launched prototyping lab Studio 317 in 2014 after a 17-year career at Nike working on product innovation. 

Product Development is Art and Science

I'm originally from France and studied couture in Paris years ago. I moved to California to learn all aspects of sportswear and studied at the Fashion Institute in LA. Then I moved to Portland when Nike hired me. I've always been interested in design and my passion is making products.

At our prototyping lab, we take ideas and concepts and help turn them into physical products. The prototype is the basis for any successful product launch. Our team - we love what we do here. I'm certainly a product person. I love to create. I love to find ways to build products that may be unconventional. There is the art and the science when it comes to great prototyping.

Kinflyte prototyping at Studio 317

Early prototyping of Kinflyte

Importance of Posture

We tend to spend too much time on our computers, and this leads to people hunched over while they work. Posture is critical as so many jobs require you to sit behind a desk and everything has gone digital.

Wearing Kinflyte as a posture reminder

Kinflyte as a Posture Reminder

What's innovative about the work we've done working with Viv and Michelle is the creation of adaptive 3D garments. The combination of fabric, the combination of patterning - we've created apparel that has 3D elements in them. When you put Kinflyte on, you are reminded to straighten up, which is amazing because they are made of stretch fabric. 

Kinflyte is designed to adapt to your body. Working with the fabrication, the way we constructed the pieces, you can feel the difference.

Kinflyte Bridges the Gap Between Sports Bras and Traditional Bras

There's this idea that comfort and performance cannot always coexist. One is compromised for the other. If you want a sports performance bra, they have a tendency to look the same.

The piece often missing is finding a performance bra that can be worn easily underneath a top. What you often find are conventional bras that go too far down the sports performance, or traditional bras focused squarely in fashion.

Kinflyte Freedom Bra

In developing Kinflyte's Freedom Bra with Viv and Michelle, our team combined the best aspects of sports performance bras and fashion bras without compromising aesthetics and comfort. 

Final Word: Sea Change in Inclusivity

Limited size ranges have been a common complaint over the years. Companies have started to pay more attention particularly in the last few years. Size inclusivity is very important, so it's great to see brands paying more attention to the needs of women.