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A bit about me

I absolutely love being a yoga instructor. I'm a mom of three crazy wonderful children. When I'm not working, I am always active, enjoy the outdoors, and listen to music. 

Yoga is my calling and profession

I've been teaching yoga for the past ten years. I teach in the San Francisco East Bay as well as in the Chicagoland area. It is something I'm passionate about as I've always practiced yoga in some form or another, especially when I was a dancer years ago.  After having kids, I needed something more in my life, so I was inspired to help others while staying active. 

Importance of posture as a dancer and yoga instructor

As a former dancer, I consider posture to be incredibly important. That mindset has influenced my practices in yoga.

The carriage of our bodies can determine and influence so many aspects of our life whether that be physical or mental. It can be a source of strength or that of pain.

Possessing good posture is a wonderful thing. With strong body alignment you can enjoy the benefits.

Everyday yoga moves that can help with your posture

There are basic yoga poses called Asanas, which can improve your posture. For everyday, I practice the Locust (Salabhasana) and Mountain (Tadasana) poses. These poses are designed to lift your entire body upward, yet press downward into the ground, effectively drawing your shoulders down onto your back. This serves to lengthen the back while supporting your body. By practicing these yoga poses, you will feel like your body is elongated, supported, strong, and empowered.

locust pose

Locust (Salabhasana) Pose
Enables deeper back bends;
strengthens the back of torso, legs, and arms
Source: Yoga with Rhen @thewildsoulyoga

Mountain Pose (tadasana)

Mountain (Tadasana) Pose
Standing pose designed to improve posture;
creates body awareness and establishes alignment
Source: Yanalya, freepik 

Thoughts on the Kinflyte Freedom Bra

I love the support of the Kinflyte posture bra. What I appreciate is that it actually draws my shoulders down and back for me.

This is the type of movement we repeatedly call out and practice in our yoga classes. Kinflyte's bra helps me maintain what I call beautiful body posture.

Jen FelcanSmith is on Facebook and @jen_fs2.

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