Cheer Talk - Jenn Henricksen

Jenn Henricksen strikes a confident pose.
Wearing the Freedom Bra & Deco Shorts - Eco Jersey 


I had the pleasure of meeting Jenn Henricksen. She is a SF Bay Area super mom and a professional real estate rock star. I found it intriguing that she's also a competitive cheer coach. For those of you who don't know what that entails -- competitive coaches train cheerleaders, involving intricate choreography, tumbling, stunts, dance and cheer techniques. Whew! 

A bit about myself

I’m a 35-year-old mother of four kids. During the week, I'm a full time realtor and competitive cheer coach. I lead a very busy lifestyle with family, work, sports, and coaching, so we're always on the go.

Because of all that I have to do, I try to stay in pretty good shape, mostly so I can keep up with my energetic kids! 

Athletically inclined and active

I’ve been working out for years and have dabbled in pretty much everything, except CrossFit but that’s next on my list to try.  My favorite workouts usually include plyometrics, which involves a lot of jumping movements and cardio. I also really enjoy TRX, which helps develop lean muscles. I was introduced to these kinds of higher intensity workouts years ago by a friend who was gearing up to open his own gym. He created the workouts and had friends like myself test them out.

Healing from serious fractures in my back and ribs

Not long ago, I was in an ATV accident and broke 3 vertebrae in my back and suffered breaks in 3 ribs.

It was a serious injury that takes time to heal. I've become very aware of how I sit and stand. The more I slouch, the worse it hurts in the injured areas.

Slouching over the years and fixing bad habits

I'm fairly tall at 5’8 while most of my close friends are of average height in the 5’3 range. Because of my height, I've slouched or hunched over to put myself at the same eye level with friends. I worry about the effects of constant slouching. Now I’m on a mission to correct years of bad habits!

Thoughts on Kinflyte's Freedom Bra

The first time I tried Kinflyte's posture bra I immediately noticed a difference. It ever so slightly pulls your shoulders back for you and it is by far one of the most comfortable pieces of workout clothes that I’ve ever tried on.

I’m looking forward to adding more pieces to my collection.