User Talk - Living in Italy with Julia Turnau

Julia in San Pietro, gorgeous and confident
Wearing the Freedom Bra - Eco Jersey

Julia discovered Kinflyte on her social feed and became an engaging customer whom we've come to know and love. We enjoy her photography (and her adorable cat rescues), which she shares on Instagram. Here's a bit about Julia and her life in and around Sardinia, a spectacular area in the Mediterranean. (one day we hope to visit!)

A bit about me

I’m 63 years old and a retired university professor. I used to teach Chinese and Italian. During my career, I lived and worked in Tuscany, but always enjoyed visiting Sardinia on vacation. So when we retired, my husband and I decided to sell our house and move. We fell in love with this small island southwest of Sardinia called San Pietro and bought a house here.

Photographer, cat lover, and yoga enthusiast

I’m a passionate amateur photographer, and I'm a cat lover rescuing stray cats as much as I can. I love to swim and do pilates. Oh yes, and I’ve been practicing yoga for 30 years.

Practicing yoga: Ustrasana: camel pose
Wearing Freedom Bra - matcha moss 

Thoughts on Posture

In my personal opinion, posture is essential. Not only is good posture fundamental for good looks and health, but posture can express so much about your personality.

Enjoying a comfortable bra

Now my everyday bra is a 2XL Kinflyte Freedom Bra, but in other brands, my size is 38F or even 38G. What I like most about the Kinflyte bra is the perfect design that makes it so beautifully supportive and comfortable.

Recent photos I took: two shots of the Island of San Pietro, my beautiful home.

Photos courtesy of Julia Turnau

You can follow and see more on her wonderful Instagram feed (@juliaturnau).