Vulnerability Talk with Cheryl Until

Cheryl Until - Talks Vulnerability


A bit about me

My passion is people. My purpose is to help others be the best versions of themselves.

I've always been very open, and I share everything. I don’t have any secrets. I find it's freedom. I'm on a mission to build and foster a community that is positive and giving. My skills are vulnerability and talking to people.

Cheryl and her tribe at My Detox Lounge in Livermore, CA

My journey of self-discovery has been a difficult one. I've dealt with a lot in my past, but these experiences have shaped who I am. I turned 50 this year! I'm excited about my next chapter. I just launched a social media-based talk show called The Until Show where I get to connect with and talk to local people and personalities.

Creating a Unique Talk Format

Like me, the show is an open format where people can share their personal story. I'm here to listen and support a dialogue that is more positive and gives back.


@cheryluntil interviewing a Livermore City Council member


Vulnerability learned the hard way

I wasn't always vulnerable or in tune with my feelings. For many years, I suffered from depression, which stemmed from childhood trauma. Depression created this brain fog and affected the way I lived my life. I was a depressed mother, but I didn't realize it back then. I have come such a long way and now, I'm driven to help others.

People tell me all the time I should be a life coach. It's one of the reasons why I've launched a new talk format.

Cheryl at Joya Yoga Studio

Practicing yoga saved me

For 48 years, I never really cried. I shut up my feelings -- to be seen and not heard. I started doing yoga two years ago, and became obsessed with all aspects of yoga. I felt so much better. Movement is a key ingredient to feeling better. I stumbled upon Joya Yoga and Deanna the owner, and I said I would like to do teacher training. Yoga changed my life 180 degrees.

When you practice yoga, it helps release what has been building up inside of you. For me, it was an awakening and release of old emotions bottled up. There is a healing aspect to it.

Fulfillment by connecting with others

Ironically, many of us live in isolation because we are so reliant on social media, technology, and our smartphones. Depression is on the rise statistically speaking. We're missing those live conversations and connecting at a deeper level. 

So, let's get to know each other. Let's connect. You can find me at @cheryluntil on Instagram.

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