Why Choose a Posture Bra over a Posture Brace?

Have you ever debated between a posture bra vs. a posture brace? At some point in your search for a wearable solution, you've probably weighed the pros and cons of wearing one versus the other. It's a personal choice, and what works for you may not work for someone else. 

posture brace

Posture brace is rigid, one-size-fits-all

Posture braces are unisex and take on a one-size fits all approach, and don't take into account the nuances of a woman's anatomy. Back braces are considered bulky in appearance and seemingly impossible to conceal under your favorite tops and dresses. They're usually worn 'over' your top.

Posture braces are functional, albeit tricky to wear for some (i.e. wearing the braces too tightly that it triggers pain). They're designed to be worn for a couple hours at a time, but not recommended to wear for extended periods of time. Always consult a medical professional when deciding whether a brace is right for you. 

In a a 2020 study in The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, they concluded that the dental hygienists who wore the common figure-8 style posture braces showed improved sitting posture but on the negative side, unintended increased shoulder internal rotation.

What to expect with a posture back brace:

  • Popular design is the figure-8 style brace.
  • Designed only to be worn for a couple hours a day. 
  • Rigid structure to support upper and mid back.
  • Often feature adjustable straps to be tightened.
  • Typically worn "over clothes".
  • Unisex design - one size fits all approach.
  • Limited size options. 

The case for wearing a posture bra for women

Kinflyte's Posture Bra - Freedom Bra Midi - Max Support

Kinflyte posture bra designed for diverse body types

Posture bras and posture corrective sports bra are more flexibly designed, so that you can wear them for extended periods of time. Often referred to as a posture sports bra or posture corrector sports bra, these back support bras are made from technical performance knits designed for movement and exercise. These posture sports bras are multifunctional, so you can wear while doing desk work, doing repetitive tasks, or working out (i.e. yoga, pilates, running). 

These posture support bras are designed specifically for women to provide 360 degree support for the shoulders, back, and bust. Because of the flexible design, it should feel both comfortable yet supportive - gently drawing your shoulders back, while providing cues that create more self-awareness of your posture. 

The posture corrector sports bra aesthetic is versatile, enabling you to wear as a stand-alone sports bra, crop top, or wear under clothing, depending on the style.

Kinflyte's posture bras - Wearing Kinflyte Rise Zip Bra and Kinflyte Rise Plus Zip Bra

Wearing Kinflyte Rise Zip Bra & Rise Plus Zip Bra (J-M cup)

What to expect when wearing a posture support bra:

  • Flexible design, relies on proprioception (self-awareness).
  • Wide shoulder straps and targeted compression.
  • Gently draws shoulders back as a slouching deterrent.
  • Can be worn for extended periods of time; daily.
  • Made from technical knits for performance and durability.
  • Typically worn on its own, or under clothes.
  • Sizing varies by brand. Kinflyte runs from XS-7XL, A-M cup support.
  • More supportive than traditional bras and sports bras.

Posture correcting bras don't force you into a rigid straight back position, but instead rely on gentler cues that help you improve your posture through regular wear by building up your muscle memory and creating self-awareness of your body's alignment. These back support bras are very practical to wear, as you can wear them daily as your go-to bra and sports bra. The best posture bra for women are ones that are well-fitted and comfortably support the bust, shoulders, and back.

Kinflyte products are not a medical device. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. You should always consult your professional medical doctor for advice, diagnosis, and treatment.