Finding Beauty in Functionality:
3 Tips for a Smarter Wardrobe

Do you accumulate closet clutter and shut the door to hide it from the rest of the world? In moments like these, it’s tempting to take the easy way out: declare you have nothing to wear and promptly shop for another item. However, this doesn’t fix the problem. An organized and thoughtful closet can save you time, money and energy as well as help you prioritize what’s important and determine what’s holding you back. So are you curious about the steps to get to a smarter wardrobe? You’ve come to the right place

Clean out your closet and stick to a one-in-one-out policy

In order to have a purposeful wardrobe, you must take inventory of what’s in it and determine the clothes that don’t make sense.

Whether they’re ill-fitting, outdated, or just unwanted, unused clothes can be distracting when getting dressed in the morning.

Save precious closet space by selling, donating or throwing these items away.

Sometimes this process can be difficult so if you’re unsure about an item, hang it backwards.

Don’t worry—give yourself another chance to wear the clothes. If it’s still hung that way in six months, you know it’s time for it to go.

Before you purchase any new clothes, try to get rid of one you already own. This prevents impulse purchases and helps determine the value of the prospective piece. 

Don’t underestimate the power of a capsule wardrobe

In short, a capsule wardrobe is quality over quantity.

More specifically, it’s a limited number of items in your closet that include only high-quality, mix-and-match staples.

This makes getting dressed easier and gives you back time, energy and money that a cluttered wardrobe would otherwise be taking away.

So, to curate a capsule wardrobe, only include multi-functional pieces and don’t buy clothing per event, only to be worn once.

If you love experimenting with new trends, don’t worry. This doesn’t mean only purchasing classic, simple or neutral items, although it can help. A capsule wardrobe means having a long-term and thoughtful mindset to visualize when you’ll wear clothing items, in conjunction with what outfits.

Make an effort to discover new brands

Getting stuck in a fashion rut might happen because we get attached to certain designers and labels. It’s great to have favorite retailers but there are always new brands hitting the market that want to be discovered.

If you explore what’s out there, you will see a broad range of price points that offer exciting styles. And you’ll find unique items that nobody else has!

It’s easy to find new brands with social media, even when you’re trying to pull off the perfect capsule wardrobe. If you’re on Instagram, just just use the “explore” feature and type in the versatile style you’re looking for.

Pinterest is another option to search for particular pieces or to discover entirely new cross-functional fashion.

Kinflyte closet tips

Are you getting the most out of your wardrobe?

At Kinflyte, we believe stylish apparel should also serve multiple functions. That’s why we designed high-quality clothing that’s not only supportive but also inclusive. We want all women of all sizes to feel their best all day no matter if they’re working, exercising, traveling or just relaxing. Through a versatile range of intimates and activewear, Kinflyte can easily replace a drawerful of clothes—getting the most out of your wardrobe!

Do you have “tech neck” or “mom posture”? Kinflyte’s patent-pending, posture-cueing bras and tops offer style and function in a range of shapes and sizes. Look and feel confident while Kinflyte provides the alignment support you need.

As seen in

Discover our alignment-improving bras, shoulder-supporting tops, as well as our universally-flattering underwear and bottoms.

Kinflyte intimates and activewear feel soft to the touch and come in a wide variety of colors, styles and sizes ranging from XS to 4XL. All products are made from our of four-way stretch and anti-bacterial fabric for all-day comfort. Prices start at $39 and are exclusively sold on the Kinflyte website.

Model 38B wearing size Large, Freedom Bra in Matcha Moss green
Model 38B wearing size Large, Freedom Bra in Matcha Moss green
Both models wearing Freedom Bra. One is in Matcha Moss green color, and the other in Arabesque Pink color
Freedom Bra up close
Freedom Bra in Sand Dune Color. Model is a 34DDD/F wearing size Medium
Model is a 32B wearing size Small in the Freedom Bra and Ally Underwear in Arabesque Pink color
Freedom Bra and matching Ally Underwear in Arabesque Pink color
Back view of Freedom Bra and Ally Underwear - arabesque pink color
Model 48C wearing size 4XL
Freedom Bra in Sand Dune color
Model is a 34G wearing size Large in Freedom Bra - Arabesque Pink color
Freedom Bra in Arabesque Pink. Model is 32C wearing size Small
Side view of Freedom Bra in Arabesque Pink and Deco Shorts in white
Model is a 34DD and wearing a relaxed fit in a size Large. Wearing Freedom Bra and Deco Shorts in Matcha Moss green color
Freedom Bra in Sand Dune and Deco Shorts in black. Model is wearing under a wrap dress
Freedom Bra in Sand Dune
Back of Freedom Bra and Deco Shorts
Freedom Bra and Ally Underwear in Sand Dune
Graphic of Freedom Bra

Kinflyte Freedom Bra - Lush Eco Jersey

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Model 36B wearing size Medium in the Unity V-Top
Model 36B wearing size Medium in the Unity V-Top
Unity V-Top in white
Model 34DD wearing size Medium in Unity V-Top Eco Jersey in black
Unity V-Top Eco Jersey in black
Close-up of side zipper pocket
Model 34D wearing size Medium in Unity V-Top Eco Jersey in white color
Back view of the Unity V-Top
Model 34A wearing size Small in Unity V-Top Eco Jersey in white
Stunning duo. Kinflyte Unity V-Top with hi-rise Ally Underwear.
Graphic of Unity V-Top

Kinflyte Unity V-Top - Eco Jersey

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Deco Shorts in blcak
Deco Shorts in blcak
Back view of Deco Shorts in Matcha Green color, and Freedom Bra in white
Deco Shorts in black
Kinflyte Deco Shorts - Eco Jersey
Kinflyte Deco Shorts - Eco Jersey
One model is wearing deco shorts in black, and the other model wearing deco shorts in white
Deco shorts in black and Freedom Bra in Matcha Moss green color
Side view of Deco Shorts in black
Deco Shorts in black, paired with Freedom Bra - Eco Jersey in Sand Dune color
Another view of Deco Shorts in black
Deco shorts and Freedom Bra in Eco Jersey - matcha moss green color
Black Deco Shorts and White Deco Shorts
black deco shorts
Back view of Deco Shorts and Freedom Bra
close-up of Deco Shorts, has pocket

Kinflyte Deco Shorts - Eco Jersey

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Though we hate to admit it, we change our outfits, including our undergarments, multiple times a day. We have different bras for all facets of life whether it’s to exercise, for work, or for a date. With Kinflyte, you don’t have to worry about changing for every activity. Each of our bras has wide straps and supportive 3D construction to help you sit up straight while working at your desk. Additionally, the moisture-wicking and odor-resistant fabric is ideal for workouts, warm climates and, even, high-stress jobs. To top it off, the deep-v neckline allows you to wear Kinflyte underneath a professional button-down top. Save time and closet space with a bra that can do it all.

Meet the founder

Vivian Lee came up with the concept for Kinflyte based on her own challenges as a working mom. Raising kids, working in tech and commuting long hours took a toll on her back, neck and shoulders. Her sister Diane Lee, a former strategist at design consultancy firm IDEO, was undergoing physical therapy for back-related issues, so they shared a kindred perspective on the need for better, sustainable options.

What people are saying

“It more than delivers...the feel of it is soft, luxurious, and high tech; the construction is immaculate; and wearing it just feels awesome — just how your body should be.” - Kathleen

All Kinflyte products are tailor-made for environmentally-conscious women. On average, our tops are made of 15 post-consumer plastic bottles, our bras are made from seven bottles, and our bottoms are made up of nine bottles. Through recycled designs, as well as eco-friendly sourcing, manufacturing and packaging, we help minimize landfill waste and harmful impact on our planet.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Essentials Sets (Bundles)

Essentials Sets (Bundles)

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